★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 6/19/2018

I found Ralph on Thumbtack and was impressed with his quick response. Within a few hours he was at our house and was able to give us a good estimate. Two days later he was back and did a quick and very thorough job. Our garage is now a clean, organized, and rodent-free space. Very professional. I rarely give five star reviews, but he deserves it.

- Margaret M.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 6/16/2018

We had an excellent experience with Cruz - we'll definitely be reaching out to him again if we ever have any rodent problems in the future.

Our problem started on a Wednesday morning - we found a baby mouse in our sink. This we took care of ourselves. On Thursday night, while we were getting ready to sleep, we caught sight of a mouse running into our fireplace, which we quickly barricaded. 5 minutes after that we heard scratching in on the piece of wood that we used to block off the barricade, so we knew it was still in there. 30 minutes later, we saw another mouse run into our kitchen, that's when we blocked off the bottom of the doors around the house.

At this point, it means we had at least 3 mice in the house (the baby one in the sink, the one that's trapped in the fireplace, and the one that ran into the kitchen). Friday morning, I went to the hardware store and set up 8 sticky traps baited with peanut butter around the house before work. But, we knew this wasn't enough so we decided to look for a professional.

We initially found Cruz on Thumbtack - we contacted him Friday afternoon, and he came to do a free inspection on Saturday - the next day he came over again to patch up a couple problem spots we had inside our unit.

After he took care of the problems inside of our unit (fireplace, behind the kitchen sink, behind the toilet), we went around the outside of the house and realized the problem was much larger than we initially thought - one side of the house was pretty much completely exposed at the ground level.

Not only were there a myriad of entry/exit points for rodents, we had alot of pipes and also power meters that were in front of these problem spots. Cruz ended up coming up with a pretty elegant solution - he covered everything up. Where we had power meters and valves that would need to be accessible in the future, Cruz and his colleague installed the wire mesh as panels that could be easily removed by unscrewing a few bolts.

Ever since Cruz stopped by, we haven't had any more activity, no more droppings and nothing on the traps.

Cruz was very easy to work with and gave us a very reasonable rate. He responded quickly, showed up when he said he would, communicated clearly, and effectively rodent-proofed our house. He stopped by yesterday on a follow up visit to check on the traps (nothing yet).

I HIGHLY recommend Cruz if you're having any type of rodent issue.

- Jeff C.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 6/10/2018

I found Cruz through Thumbtack after looking for someone to address a rat problem in my house, and was very happy with his work. He did a very good and thorough job in identifying and patching up all possible entry points around my house. He was also able to install flashing on my crooked garage door to effectively seal off that entry point which was great, since a previous rat inspector told me it wasn't do-able and that I had to replace the whole garage door. He also did a very good job cleaning up dropping and disinfecting too. I especially appreciated how meticulous and clean he was, as he used body suits when crawling under the house, took his shoes off before entering the house and used shoe covers as necessary, and even cleaned off doorknobs with the bleach cleaning solution which he had touched after cleaning rat droppings.

He's also a handyman too and helped me with some various tasks around the house too. He communicated what he was doing well, and is a nice guy too. Would definitely recommend him for rodent proofing as well as other handyman work, and plan on using him again for future projects!

- Michael O.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | 5/24/2018

Cruz is knowledgeable, prompt, and meticulous in his work. I found him through Thumbtack and eventually needed to call him in again for another incident with another "intruder" and he was able to make time to come by in 24 hours.

I'd recommend his work to anyone.

- Abhay K.